Joe Symchyshyn

I was introverted and shy when I was a kid. Photography initially was a way for me to keep to myself, but also a way to still be creative.

I studied Advanced Photography at Fanshawe College in London, ON and graduated in 1995. (That feels like just yesterday, but I know it's just shy of 25 years ago)

Following graduation I moved to Toronto where I worked in a custom photo lab. A year later I married my wife and we ended up moving back to our hometown of Windsor, ON. I then found work at another custom lab in Windsor, all the while still shooting my own projects.

Fast forward a few years as film dies and digital takes over.

I decide to pursue a completely different direction.

I studied Architectural Technology at St. Clair College and started a new path in the building industry. A career as a project manager in disaster restoration was wonderful. It taught me a lot about myself, and I felt like I was making a difference helping others. Blessed with two wonderful kids, and a very busy work life, photography had to be put on hold for a while.


As a creative soul, it's hard to put that aside and "find time" when the demands of family (my first priority) and a career that is very demanding take hold. I went completely digital in 2012, making photography the primary creative outlet for my life again. By 2014 I knew I had to follow my passion and move forward. The decision to resign from my career and go back to the very thing I started out doing was made. I love making beautiful and elegant images. I always strive to craft something that has lasting impact and will be treasured by my clients.

Full circle, in about 20 years.

Life's too short to live with regrets...