2015-15 Architecture

One of my interests is architecture. So much so that at one point in my life, I put photography on hold to go back to school as an adult student and study architectural technology. I changed careers and was in the building industry for a decade. 

Incorporating my love of architecture and photography is a perfect fit. One project I started years ago was shooting black and white large format photography in downtown Detroit. I would wander around with a large format wooden field camera and gigantic pack filled with film holders, lenses, light meters and various other accessories. I was a bit of a curiosity to some and had many interesting conversations with people stopping to learn more about what I was doing. It's not everyday that you see someone operating what looks like an antique camera (it was a modern handmade wooden camera, but it looked like something right out of old movies to most). It was fun to have people go under the darkcloth and look at that large ground glass and learn something new. 

Looking through the contact sheets and selecting a few to show here, it was nice to reflect on images I shot many years ago. While I have no plans to shoot film again, I remember so fondly how much I loved using that large format camera. 

Here are just a few of the images I shot on those days in Detroit.