2015-10 Putting a price tag on it...

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately... A LOT of thinking...

I've been working on pricing. My head is a jumble of numbers and ideas and opinions and facts, mixed in with emotions and ego and humility and fear and excitement.

When I started shooting creatively again a few years ago, I worked diligently to find my voice, practice my craft and challenge myself with new ideas and concepts. I wasn't concerned about putting a price on it because it was just for me. 

During the past couple of weeks, I've had a few meetings with a local gallery (I'll post more about this in a future blog) and they will begin carrying my work this month. So with that, I needed to assign pricing to my images. 

When people ask, "How long did it take you to make that?" really the answer in my case should be 42 years. It's not about the 1/125th of a second the shutter tripped. It's not about the small fortune in equipment it takes to capture, edit and create something. It's not the piece of paper it's printed on or the other materials used to protect and store it. It's not every single shoot that taught me something that brought me to that point. It's not the years in photography school, working in the field, living and breathing images and being consumed by it for the better part of my life. 

Actually, I lied...  It is all of that.

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where we could  follow our passions and just contribute? I could somehow magically be supplied with all the equipment and materials I need to make something wonderful with someone and it wouldn't have to cost us a thing. No thought to paying for gear, materials, insurance, putting gas in the car, buying groceries, being able to live. But the reality of our lives is that we all want to be successful, however we define that.  And so part of that has been for me to come up with a pricing structure for my art that I feel justifies the lengths I've gone to, not only create the images I have, but also for the quality I'm able to achieve and pour into the work I produce. Most importantly, I know that I'm not just paying for work that I've done, but making future work possible. 

So I've been looking at things now with a new perspective. Thinking more broadly about what I'd like to really do, what I really want from my artwork... How I can make it both accessible to people, but not forsake the standard of quality I feel I need to maintain. Make it a something worth having, worth cherishing. I think I've found my way and figured it out for this stage in my career.

At some point you just have to take that leap and go for it!

 © 2014 Joe Symchyshyn   "Wyandotte & Drouillard, Windsor, ON"

© 2014 Joe Symchyshyn   "Wyandotte & Drouillard, Windsor, ON"

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