2015-13 About new work

Sometimes new work isn't new at all. 

When it comes to photography, there is such an ease for some images to be shown that there seems to be this self-imposed rush to share. I shoot something, and the whole world should know about it as soon as possible! Why?

I read recently where the restaurant industry is feeling the effects of photography. The restaurant experience has been altered by so many people spending time on their phones... Checking in to their social media accounts, taking pictures of everything, emailing, taking pictures of the person they're eating with, posting it all so they can gather a few more likes before dessert arrives, then more pictures of dessert, then more posts, then answering a few more messages, etc. etc. etc... Gone are the days where you would just go to dinner, have a conversation (with the person you showed up with), and take time to savour and appreciate dinner. Now it seems for so many to be an entire social media experience... 

The relentless drive to get more likes, post fresh images, increase your presence, drive traffic to a site, increase your SEO rating (search engine optimization), post, post, post... It becomes a full time job to have a virtual life.

But what happened to having a real life?

I imagine one joy that will be more and more valuable to many will be the ability to unplug. To get away, to not be connected, to have time to yourself without the constant need to share or justify or impress others with what you're doing.

So I'm going to release new images today... These pictures were shot last summer at the end of my season for shooting underwater work. I deliberately didn't rush to complete the work. I did it at my pace. Sure, I could have shot them, ripped through the edits, posted them before I went to bed the same day. But with work that is very special, I often feel it's better to wait. To come back and review the work when I'm not so immediately attached to every image. To see which images really stayed with me and why. I give myself permission to review the work on my own terms and timeline. Then when I think they're ready, I share them.

So these images are new. Newly completed, newly shared... But they were shot months ago. I just wanted to share them when the time is right.

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